Is there a similar idea to mine already out there? Do I need to build my audience from zero or can I target a specific listener base? How can my podcast idea become an ongoing project?

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Become a professional audio content creator

Four days, two international trainers and the staff of Spreaker will help give the perfect sound to the ideas you have in your mind.

Get ready to give shape to your ideas

It is the perfect opportunity to answer the questions you have in your mind and to put all the info from the podcasting world in order.


Training Program


How do I organize my workflow? How can I cut production costs? Which are the business models which best suit my idea?



Cristal Duhaime

Co-creator and producer, alongside Mira Burt-Wintonick, of Canadian podcast Love Me and Pen Pals. Winner of a Prix Italia for the production of Wiretap by Jonathan Goldstein, a Gran Prix Nova and the Miller Humour prize for “Toccata” for BBC4.

An independent creator for years, he has worked as a creator and director for Italian public radio stations, RAI-Radio3 and RAI-Radio2. His podcast Meat is one of the finalists for the talent “Podquest” of Radiotopia, and he won the Third Coast Skylarking Award in 2018. He’s now Head of Content of Voxnest.

Jonathan Zenti

Which microphone should I use? Which computer, OS, software? What is a preamplifier? Why should I use an audio microphone instead of a USB one?


How do you write a compelling text for audio? How do you host an interview? How do I create a set list for a live podcast?

Marketing & Distribution

On which platforms can I distribute my podcast? How can I build my audience? How can I use social media to promote my show?


What is listening data? How can I use data to improve my podcast? How can I build my listener community starting from how they listen to my podcast?

During the course, you'll find the answer to all your questions.

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